I’ve been driven to make art, especially performance art, since I was little. I wrote a musical at 8 and started a rock band at 10, music and the storytelling therein becoming a primary outlet for self-expression for most of my life.

I’ve always wanted art to function as a means to connect with others. This desire to connect drew me to my training and career as a psychotherapist. And yet, the quiet and private experience of the therapy room left me craving outlets for putting myself out there. Discovering the power of audio storytelling provided me with the opportunity to flex all of myself while creating something others found valuable in their lives.

Now, I’m a part-time freelance audio producer and musician and a part-time psychotherapist with a private practice in San Francisco, CA. Each side of my professional life influences the other, so a lot of creative thinking shows up in therapy sessions and a lot of deep feeling and empathy shows up in the art. But… sometimes it’s nice to not worry about any of that and instead obsess over the technical precision of getting a jumble of audio clips to sound just right.

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