Podcasts & Radio

The Birth of a Mother is a storytelling series by Amy Vicknair about the transition into motherhood. Follow people as they journey into the most complex transformation they will ever experience – matrescence. Each episode centers on a deeply revealing story about being shaken up and rearranged into the next version of oneself.

My primary role is as composer. Additionally, for season 1, I sound-designed, edited, and mixed each episode.

Shadowtime was a year-long weekly live radio show on BFF.fm blending music, stories, and sound experiments. From fictional personas to very real dispatches from the lives of listeners to audio stories created by myself and other sound artists, Shadowtime served as a fantastical psychic playground.

Lily Makes Sound · Shadowtime Intro

Primary Source is a narrative non-fiction podcast from Stanford University’s Taube Center for Jewish Studies that launched in December 2020. It is a podcast about the history and ideas behind some of the most significant texts in the field of Jewish Studies.

In my role as Producer & Sound Designer, I consulted with the team on all their audio needs, worked with the host to record his narration, construct episodes and provide feedback and direction on the script and story. I scored and sound designed the podcast by composing original music and digging up interesting archival recordings.

InFrequencies is a podcast I created to launch the BFF.fm Podcast Network. Season 1 is a 6 episode series in which I curate, edit, and contextualize interviews between DJs and artists from BFF.fm’s live broadcasts along with in-studio performances. I also composed original music for the series.

A Therapist Walks Into a Bar is a narrative, sound rich, documentary-style podcast that speaks to how messy, lonely, terrifying, and beautiful being human can be. Using a combination of story and expertise as entry points, I explore complex topics like how we cope with the unknown, what it means to be your “true self”, and defense mechanisms. ​ The podcast was featured in Buzzfeed’s 27 Podcasts You Need to Start Listening to in 2018.

When I published the show’s final episode on the topic of endings, Audiocraft Festival called it “A masterclass in how to say goodbye…”

ATherapistWalksIntoaBar · Lily Isn't Gonna Ghost (Finále)

Radical Advice was a weekly live talk show on San Francisco’s award-winning internet community radio station, Best Frequencies Forever. Each week I’d bring in a guest (therapists, activists, artists) for conversations about the intersection of psychotherapy, personal growth, and activism.

Listeners submitted questions anonymously which we used to discuss big issues impacting us collectively, and how these impacts play out in our personal lives–from racism, to sexual assault, to family dynamics and personal traumas.

In March 2018 I began releasing “Radical Shorts” on my podcast A Therapist Walks Into a Bar in which I curated some special moments from Radical Advice, like this one:

ATherapistWalksIntoaBar · Radical Shorts: Feelings Sometimes Hurt